Do you have a website or blog and want to make money from it? If yes already should be using some affiliate program, like Google Adsense, for example, right?

And you may have realized that it’s getting harder and harder to profit from ad banners, as this model is getting more and more worn out and saturated.

So a good solution would be to monetize your website or blog where so far few traditional affiliate programs are working, as is the case with links.

This is where AdFly comes in, it allows you to shorten and monetize the links, guaranteeing you an extra income on your project, and without having to put more advertising directly to your users.

Other than that, you still have another form of monetization, much less intrusive than banners, which are pop ads or pop unders.

If you’ve never heard of this format before, continue reading this article and learn how to make money from AdFly pop ads on your website or blog.

What are Pop Ads or Pop Unders?

This is a less intrusive advertising model, as it is not adding anything visual to the site or blog that uses this monetization. In case, it works simply by opening your site a new window in the browser opens up, displaying an advertisement.

This format also does not hamper the use of other forms of monetization on your site or blog, nor does it affect your SEO as well, which makes this format very interesting if used correctly.

Is it worth using AdFly Pop Ads on my website or blog?

Any way to monetize a website or blog is welcome, as long as it provides satisfactory results, and in the case of the AdFly Pop Ads template, this needs to be tested on your project.

This is because it is a model that acts differently from the traditional ones, and can cause strangeness in some more traditional users, which can imply in a higher rejection rate of your site or blog.

However, Pop Under is a less intrusive format, which can guarantee fewer banners in return for a little more income.

Anyway, like everything on the internet, good old tests should be done. Check out the results and see whether or not it’s worth using this format. But overall, sites in these niches below give good results:

  • Humor
  • Downloads
  • Reviews
  • News
  • Technology
  • Music / Movies / Games

Installing AdFly Pop Ads on your site or blog

Check out below a video lesson that will help you install the AdFly Pop Under format on your site/blog.

Published on: 7/29/21, 4:48 PM